A Canadian approach to employment training

Barista2This is a wonderful idea from Canada for how to find creative ways to host employment training for people with disabilities.

Common Ground Cooperative is a local non-profit that provides social enterprise and empowered employment opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. One of the participants is The Coffee Shed – a coffee shop run by adults with developmental disabilities headquartered in Surrey Place Centre near Queen’s Park.

Last month, The Coffee Shed launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a barista training program inside their premises. Called Made by Mavericks, the training program was created by Gerald Patrick Fantone, a job coach at Common Ground.

“I always heard from clients who’ve had employment that although they’re getting paid minimum wage and they get to work in a competitive environment, a lot of things they did were not very fulfilling,” Fantone says. “Some of them were buggy boys, ticket agents or dishwashers, so I thought, why not create something trade specific and something they can be proud of doing.”

Read the rest of the story from Now Toronto.



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