What’s bigger than the love of the game?

This is a great story about Mike, who works with one of our partners, Starfire.

“For someone who is typically left out of ordinary social activities because of his disability, it’s those stronger bonds to people who share his love of basketball that make this event matter most.”


On the corner of 8th and Broadway, Mike Holmes waits for the crosswalk to change to “walk.” He is taking a break from work at the downtown architecture firm GBBN to meet with a few people for lunch. Mike started working at GBBN in November 2011, when he was hired to work as an assistant office manager. There he sets up conference rooms for meetings, sorts and delivers mail, and keeps the office looking spotless among other duties.

As crosses the street and gets into the car, he is greeted by Tim Vogt, a long time friend who is working with Mike to help him make friends so that he’s better connected socially. On the way to lunch they banter back and forth about the time Tim almost got a speeding ticket on the way up to Cleveland. The conversation is familiar and easy going, a testament to their

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