Passion shines through at record store job

Step into Everybody’s Records on Tuesdays or most Saturdays, and you’ll find Andy Schwertman walking among the rows of CDs and vinyl records.

While he might be browsing new arrivals or old favorites, Schwertman is there to work, at what he calls his “dream job.”

Andy Schwertman at Everybody’s Records. He was featured on billboards around Cincinnati during March.

“He’s very helpful to the customers, he’s very outgoing and very passionate about working at Everybody’s Records, which only enhances our reputation,” said store manager Woody Dorsey.

Schwertman started helping out at the Pleasant Ridge record store about six years ago, an opportunity he found through Pathways.

What was supposed to be a temporary volunteer gig eventually became a part-time job in December. Dorsey said he didn’t expect the volunteering to turn into employment, but once Schwertman graduated from Starfire, it seemed like a good fit.

“He earned it,” Dorsey said. “And now he gets a paycheck instead of us paying him in CDs.”

Schwertman primarily stocks CDs and albums at Everybody’s Records but also gives music recommendations to customers. Need to know which album has your favorite song? Schwertman probably knows. Looking to listen to a new style of music? He can point you in the right direction.

“I try and help them find whatever they need,” he said. “Music is my first love. This is my dream job, getting to listen music all day and talking to people.”

Even from a brief conversation, Schwertman’s passion for music is evident, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge about almost any genre. Some customers – including the father of the lead singer from Cincinnati-based band Foxy Shazam – stop by regularly just to talk to him about music.

“When they told me I was hired, I didn’t believe it, but I am,” said Schwertman, who lives in Delhi Township. “I was only supposed to work here for three months, and as they say, the rest is history.”

VIDEO: Watch Andy at his “dream job”


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