Employment and Savings are the Paths to Independence

From the Disability.Gov blog:

Despite the fact that he has a college degree, Michael faces some hurdles that others don’t. Michael has cerebral palsy and he’s a wheelchair user. But he has an attitude and skills that many employers complain they’re unable to find in young workers. Still, finding a job was a challenge.

Unfortunately, Michael’s challenges are common for a person with disabilities. As of February 2015, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 11.2 percent, double the rate of 5.6 percent for people without disabilities.

There is fear in the marketplace. There is fear among employers of the accommodations they believe they will have to make and the added expenses they believe they will incur if they hire someone with a disability. People with disabilities and their families often have fears too. Historically, people with disabilities and their families feared that getting a job and earning a salary would make them ineligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or home and community-based waiver services.

So what made the difference for Michael? Some training, some instruction and one simple assistive technology device.

You can read the whole post here.

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