McDonald’s employee is “lovin’ it”

Doerflein pictured with SSA Heather Everett
Melissa Doerflein and SSA Heather Everett

What better to way to start off your morning than with a hot McCafé, and a warm and friendly smile from McDonald’s well-loved employee, Melissa Doerflein.

Doerflein, 34, does just about everything at the McDonald’s located on Delhi Pike.

“I am mostly in charge of making sure that the lobby is presentable for the customers,” said Doerflein. “I wipe down tables, sweep, mop, and restock needed supplies. I also clean the bathrooms and empty the food trays in the back.”

When Doerflein isn’t out running the show in the lobby, she is behind the counter helping with food prep such as making salads, parfaits, and breakfast wraps. Doerflein also helps get orders to drive thru customers.

“Melissa is a great ambassador for McDonald’s,” said Heather Everett, Doerflein’s Service and Support Administrator through Hamilton County DD Services. “Every time I come in here she is always greeting and talking to the customers, which makes them feel extra welcome.”

Doerflein enjoys all of her many duties at McDonald’s, but expressed that her favorite responsibility is helping out in the lobby. “I love talking to the customers, they are always telling me how much they appreciate the work that I do, which makes me work extra hard,” she said.

Everett said how Doerflein’s managers are extremely supportive of her, and they always have many good things to say regarding Doerflein’s hard work ethic and positive personality.

“I just love Melissa!” said Tara Jones, who works as a crew trainer at McDonald’s. “Melissa does great here. She is so easy to get along with and is very helpful. When there is a day that she isn’t working with me, I miss her and her hard work. I can always count on her to get things done.”

Through her employment, Doerflein has mastered the skill of multi-tasking. “This job has helped me to be organized. I try to find the right balance between talking to the customers and getting my work completed on time,” she said. “I have even received another raise! Which pushes me to be the best worker that I can be.”


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