Children’s Hospital guide makes experience easier for patients

Kayes showing off his Children's Hospital badge
Kayes showing off his Children’s Hospital badge

Thrown into a busy and crowded atmosphere like the one at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital can lead anyone to feel a little lost among the masses.

But with an exceptional hospital guide like Matt Kayes, finding your way around the hospital can quickly become a breeze.

“Matt is a very positive and incredibly smart individual,” said Gary Boggs, Kayes’ Service and Support Administrator through Hamilton County DD Services. “It has been such a pleasure working with him, and I know they really appreciate him here at Children’s Hospital.”

Matt Kayes, 36, has worked at the hospital for 15 years. Kayes is a guest services representative, where he escort guests, patients, and families to wherever they need to go in the hospital. Kayes also picks up and delivers the mail for the guest services department.

Kayes was the first graduate of the Project SEARCH High School transition class, and quickly secured a job at Children’s after he completed the program.

Project SEARCH serves students with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities, with the main goal being to help each individual secure a job, and be successful at that job.

Anne Wendell, an employment support specialist through Project SEARCH, has been working with Kayes at Children’s Hospital for the past four years. “Matt has a wicked sense of humor,” Wendell said. “He has a great memory and is an excellent problem solver.”

Kayes, who does not speak, uses a communication device to interact with people he guides throughout the hospital. Kayes said he most enjoys being with the patients, and making their experience a little easier by showing them where to go in the hospital.

Ask anyone in guest services, and they will tell you that Kayes is one of the most popular and well-loved employees at Children’s Hospital. “Matt has more friends in this hospital than anyone,” Wendell said. “Everyone knows him and loves him. He has such a big heart.”


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