Personality brightens local bakery

Who wouldn’t love a job being surrounded by cakes, cookies and doughnuts all day? But for Sara Furnish, the admiration she has for her job at North College Hill Bakery stretches far beyond the large amount of sweets.

“I found out about this job through a friend of mine whose grandparents own the bakery,” she said. “Her grandma wanted me to come in and do a job interview, and then I started the job the following week.”

Joyce Jostworth, who also works at the bakery, said Furnish brightens the day of everyone she meets. “Sara is a great person,” she said. “We all love working with her and she always makes our day. I always tell her that she is not allowed to leave, she has to stay with us as long as we are here!”

Sara Furnish shows off cookies at North College Hill Bakery
Sara Furnish shows off cookies at North College Hill Bakery

Three days a week, Furnish helps prepare items for the day. “Although I do bake at home, I do not do that here. Here I am in charge of wiping off bun trays, as well as bagging bread, buns and noodles,” she said. “I do whatever they ask me to do.”

Furnish said she is very fortunate to have the most caring coworkers, who have treated her so well throughout the past six months. “They are so nice to me and are very supportive of what I do,” she said. “We are always having a good time.”

Vickie Watters, who has been working with Furnish since November, said she’s been a big help at the bakery. “It has been such a pleasure working with her,” Watters said. “She is a very dependable hard worker, and she is so easy to get along with. Everyone here loves her to death. She has a great personality, and we always love to see her face come through that door.”

Through this job, Furnish said she’s had experiences she might not have been able to encounter otherwise. “The best part about having a job is getting to talk to people out in the community,” she said. “There is a lot of people that don’t get the chance to have this opportunity like I do. It has been a great life experience working here.”

VIDEO: Sara talks about her job and living in her own apartment


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