From friendly chats to paid employment

Being a regular customer has its perks. In Emily Strole’s case, it landed her a job at her local Frisch’s.

Strole would eat at the Sharon Road location nearly every week and always chatted with the manager, Jeff Robertson. “She has always been really friendly and super excited to talk with me when she was here,” he said. “I’d always say, ‘If you sit in that stool long enough, we’re going to have to put you to work.'”

Emily Strole fills a drink order for a drive-thru customer at Frisch's on Sharon Road.
Emily Strole fills a drink order for a drive-thru customer at Frisch’s on Sharon Road.

It was said in jest, but Robertson hired her to work at the restaurant this spring.

She started clearing tables and then moved to the drive-thru, where she fills drink orders and makes desserts for customers. “I love it,” she said of her job. “I get here early and it’s fun to meet other people.”

Strole, 26, used to be an Applebee’s hostess, and Robertson said he could tell she was excited about the opportunity to get back to work.

“Emily has progressed and took a job at the drive-thru, which takes a little more skill, but she was willing to step up to the challenge,” he said. “She always helps when necessary and really is capable of doing anything we ask of her, as long as she’s shown how to do it correctly.”

Strole works 20-30 hours per week and said Robertson is very supportive of her working at Frisch’s. “I got the job all by myself,” she said. “My mom and dad are proud of me.”

Her goal is to become a nurse’s assistant, and she hopes to start college next year.

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