Welcoming customers with a warm smile

Breakfast and brunch gurus may have heard the buzz about the new Sleepy Bee Café in Blue Ash. At the restaurant’s second location, customers are not only promised a delectable meal, but also a warm smile and hospitable hug from one of Sleepy Bee’s employees, April Meyers.

Meyers, 27, works a few times a week as a hostess and busser. “I am in charge of quickly clearing off tables after the customers leave, as well as greeting people at the door and handing out menus,” she said. “This job has taught me that I am very responsible.”

April Meyers and her job coach, Kylie King.
April Meyers and her job coach, Kylie King.

Though she’s fairly new, Meyers already memorized the different sections of the restaurant and has become a friendly and positive part of the Sleepy Bee team. Tess Warner-Lewis, the general manager of the Blue Ash location, said Meyers’ friendly demeanor is crucial to the restaurant’s success.

“What I love the most about April is her hospitality. She welcomes people into here as if she were welcoming them into her own home,” Lewis said.

“She is always wearing a big smile that makes each person who walks in here feel extra welcome.”

Meyers said she loves her job and has met many new people. “I really enjoy talking to the families who come into the restaurant,” she said. “It is so wonderful to be here. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.”


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