Connections help land community job

Twice a week Latasha Walker gets a ride to the Seven Hills LaRosa’s Pizzeria where she clocks in and heads back to the kitchen.

Walker washes dishes from the dining room and prep stations during her shift and also folds pizza boxes for delivery orders. “I wanted a job to make more money and meet more people,” she said.

Latasha Walker washes dishes at LaRosa's Pizzeria. She works at the restaurant twice a week.
Latasha Walker washes dishes at LaRosa’s. She works at the restaurant twice a week.

It’s her first job in the community, and Walker, 40, said she likes it.

“Tasha is a good worker and we believed she could get a job in the community,” said Randi Moore, a habilitation specialist at Beckman Adult Center, where Walker has attended since 2012. “We took her to LaRosa’s, talked to the managers and helped her fill out the application.”

For Ray Nye, the manager of that location, the timing couldn’t have been better. “We were looking for someone to help out during the busy lunch rush,” he said. “They approached us with the opportunity and we took it.”

Nye added that his personal connection to Beckman – his aunt attended the program there and he had previously employed another worker from that adult center – made him more open to hiring Walker.

During her first few months on the job, Walker has been getting help from Tina Back, a job coach at Goodwill, who said she is always willing to learn and asks for other duties.

“Latasha is doing a good job,” Nye said. “She’s very pleasant and shows up happy to be here.”


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