He’s an important part of the family business

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Most days you can find Jimmy Spampinato at 4 & 1 Imports, where he’s chatting up customers or walking among the shelves filled with tin signs.

Spampinato is part owner of the company, a family business his parents started that has evolved over the years.

Debbie Burress, the “one” in the shop’s namesake, said the business has been everything from auto sales, an auction barn, and an antique reproduction manufacturer before focusing on metal signs.

Burress, along with her four brothers: Jimmy, Tom, Mark, and Dave, took over the shop when their parents passed away.

“Jimmy works here when he’s not at Beckman and builds bird baths, fixes small stuff around the shop, carries things to customers’ cars and locks up every night,” Burress said. “He’ll do anything you ask him because he likes to stay busy.”

Spampinato said he like being with his siblings and showing customers around the store. And he’s developed great relationships with many regular clients, as well as the delivery drivers, who often bring him keys – a favorite item he collects.

“This is perfect for Jimmy, and he’s successful because he can transfer his skills from the Beckman production lines to 4 & 1 Imports,” said Molly Warnock, a habilitation specialist at Beckman Adult Center. “He’s a big part of the family business.”

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