University focused on finding jobs for people with autism

Rutgers University recently unveiled plans to help adults with autism find jobs. The article from Fortune magazine says:

The university plans to open the Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services on its New Brunswick campus, which will provide adults with autism resources to live and work independently with the support of clinical staff and Rutgers graduate students.

The goal of the program is to capitalize on the campus setting—its public transit system, recreational facilities, and large supply of hourly jobs—to provide individuals with autism the support needed to live fulfilling lives. The center’s clientele will have access to the university’s athletic and arts facilities and will be placed in jobs around campus, from the bookstore to the library to a university-run farm nearby.

But perhaps more than anything, construction of the center is being driven by need. About one in 68 children nationwide are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

The first of the center’s two buildings—slated to open in the fall of 2018—will offer life skills training to about 60 autistic adults. The second building will provide apartment-style residence for 20 adults with autism who will live alongside Rutgers graduate students.

Mel Karmazin and his daughter Dina Karmazin, whose son Hunter has autism, brought the idea for the center to Rutgers a few years ago. Mel Karmazin, the lead donor on the project, is the former CEO of Viacom, CBS, and Sirius XM Radio.


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