Pairing passion with entrepreneurship

Michele Vaught’s face lights up when she talks about art. Her passion and talent are obvious as she sits in the Visionaries & Voices Northside studios.

“I’ve always been interested in art and music, and have been making art daily for the last five years,” she said. “What inspires me is finding different textures and colors and using that in my pieces. I always try to do something different that will be unique.”

Michele Vaught works on one of her pieces of pottery at Visionaries & Voices in Northside.
Michele Vaught works on one of her pieces of pottery at Visionaries & Voices in Northside.

Vaught, 44, has been attending Visionaries & Voices since last spring and her focus is on clay. Recently she’s been selling her artwork at Under the Stars, an art consignment shop in Batavia, and at JuJu Beans, a coffee shop in St. Bernard.

Every few weeks, Vaught takes a handful of her clay creations to each place, where they almost always sell out. She’s even had customers and friends commission original art pieces.

“One of my sisters knew the owner of the coffee shop, and that’s how I began selling my art,” Vaught said. “I’m very happy with the success of these endeavors. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Though Vaught loves what she does, she describes herself as a frustrated artist because sometimes the ideas she has in her head don’t translate to the finished work.

“With clay you can do whatever you want to make the shape you want. If it’s not right, I can smash it and start over,” she said. “My pieces tend to be more out of the box. Even though I can be critical of my own art, the customers love it. I’m always trying to come up with new ideas and challenge myself.”

Vaught, who lives in Silverton, said she plans to take more art classes to learn new ideas and techniques for her future projects.

This story was written by Robert Shuemak, an advocate who works at Hamilton County DD Services

3 thoughts on “Pairing passion with entrepreneurship

  1. Great Story On A Great Girl.
    She Is Such A Wonderful Person.
    And An Amazing Artist For Sure.
    She’s So Passionate About Her Work
    And Makes Beautiful Unique Peices
    Big Thanks To You Robert Shuemak
    For Recognizing Her & Her Talent…
    Writing About It & Sharing With Us.


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