Love of photography leads to other opportunities

For the past three years, has profiled individuals with disabilities in its “No Boundaries” Photo Project. Last year, the focus was on showcasing employment success and inclusive workplaces. Here is one of those stories:


Brian’s passion for photography began three years ago when he was in the sixth grade. He had always been fascinated by people with cameras. In fact, it was the only time he would leave his mom’s side, she says as she watches her son pose, now the subject of a photographer. For the last few years, he has been very active in not only pursuing, but manifesting his innate passion for photography.

This interest in photography has made Brian a young entrepreneur. He has compiled his original photographs into two calendars, which he sells online. His calendars capture images of nature, outdoors scenes and zoo animals – the lions are his favorite – and the profits have allowed him to buy some of the seven cameras he owns. Brian has many ambitions about his photography. His mom thinks he could open a camera store some day because he knows so much about cameras.

You can read the rest of Brian’s story and the other profiles on


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