Dedicated worker celebrates 25 years at Frisch’s

David Walters is a model employee. “When he’s here, everything is in its place,” said Chuck Schreiber, a manager at the Norwood Frisch’s restaurant.

David Walters at Frisch'sWalters has been a dishwasher at that location for 25 years – a milestone not many achieve. Though shy when talking about his accomplishments, he said “it feels pretty good” being recognized as an excellent employee.

Kelly Brannick, who is his home manager through Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD), said Walters is incredibly dedicated to his job. “David never misses work, and he is very dependable,” she said. “Even in bad weather, he makes sure to leave in time to get to work on time.”

Walters came to Frisch’s in the early 1990s looking for a change from his previous work as a custodian. “I like getting along with people, and it keeps you busy,” he said of his job.

Schreiber added that Walters experience helps new employees at that location. “When you’re bringing someone new in, David is a good person to have help train them because he’s been at the restaurant for so long and does good work,” he said.

While he is not sure how much longer he’ll work at Frisch’s – he’s thinking about retiring soon – Walters knows why he stayed with the same company for so long. “They treat you well and with respect,” he said.

David at Frisch's 25 years
David Walters at the Frisch’s lunch celebration where he received his 25 year pin.

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