Microsoft autism hiring program resounding success in first year

Last year on this blog, we told you about Microsoft’s plans to recruit candidates with autism for jobs at the software giant. Now, a full year after the company announced its plans, the hiring program has been a resounding success.

Microsoft received hundreds of résumés from people with autism including many who had advanced degrees but were working in retail or other similar jobs.

“We want to help make this a more inclusive, a more accessible environment and company, where you can bring it and you can deliver great things and show your strengths and be who you are every day. Just come to work and be who you are,” said Jenny Lay-Flurrie, the company’s Chief Accessibility Officer.

Part of opening Microsoft’s doors to employees with autism required changing the interview process. In the final stage, applicants are on campus for two weeks, allowing more time to relax and show their skills.

Read more about the program and meet some of the new hires in this story from a local Seattle news station.

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