National employment conference coming to Cincinnati June 21-23

The National Conference for the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) is coming to Cincinnati June 21-23.

It brings together businesses, individuals with disabilities and community leaders from across the country and around the world to network and discuss state-of-the-art strategies to ensure equitable employment for citizens with disabilities.

The 2016 National APSE Conference – Soaring to EmploymentFirst – features two days of high quality, interactive breakout sessions.  Featured sessions will focus on state-of-the-art practices in integrated employment in the areas of:

  • Innovative Practices in Integrated Employment
  • Leadership for the Future
  • Public Policy and Funding
  • Transition from School to Adult Life
  • Family & Self Advocacy and more

Through advocacy and education, APSE’s mission aims to advance employment and self-sufficiency for all people with disabilities. Click here for more details on the conference and registration information.

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