Ford launches new inclusive hiring program

Starting today, Ford Motor Company is taking a different approach to hiring for some positions. In a collaboration with the Autism Alliance of Michigan, the automobile manufacturer launched a pilot program that aims to provide individuals who have autism on-the-job work experience and training.

FordInclusiveWorks, the name of the pilot program, is being funded by the Autism Alliance. Five new positions in product development were created to suit the skills and capabilities of people with autism. As part of this pilot, Ford will evaluate participants for future employment, as well as the program in general. If there is a potential fit, the person will enter into Ford’s standard recruiting process.

“We are committed to making people’s lives better, and this pilot program has the potential to not only make the participants’ lives better, but also help Ford be an even more diverse and inclusive workforce,” says Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, product development and chief technical officer. “Autism affects many people in our communities, and I’m proud we’re taking on this important initiative.”

Read more about the program and learn how to apply on Ford’s website.

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