A different approach to finding a job

For people with disabilities, the unemployment rate is more than double that of people without disabilities. And statistics show people with disabilities participate in the labor force at a much lower rate than the general population.

But for many in Cincinnati, the goal of working in the community is becoming a reality, thanks to Starfire’s approach that rethinks how people get jobs.

Starfire is … building people’s social connections. Landing a job often comes down to “who you know,” but the average person with developmental disabilities only has a network of 2 community relationships (unpaid, non-family, people without disabilities). At Starfire, 92% of the jobs attained with our support come directly from social connections, so we know our approach is working, even though it makes us a little different. We don’t invest people’s time and efforts on repetitive “job training readiness” such as mock interviews, resume building, or piecemeal work. Instead, we help people be “known” for their gifts and passions, so that when they apply for a job, their proven abilities are at the forefront of employer’s minds.

Becky at SAF Holland

That’s led to many success stories like Becky, who works at SAF Holland. She turned to Starfire to help her build confidence and get out in the workforce. It includes people like Molly, who works at Neyra. Her supervisor has said Molly is “always so considerate and she always remembers little tidbits about people. She’s able to help get a lot of the administrative duties out of the way. So it’s helped free up a lot of their time to make our process in finances more efficient.”

Starfire’s approach has also helped Mike, who works at Contemporary Cabinetry East, and Craig, who works at Kinetic Vision. Learn more on Starfire’s Cincibility blog. 

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