New app makes skills-based match between employers and job seekers

Applying for a job can be nerve-wracking. Did I hit all the right keywords? Will my skills match what their looking for in this position? Does a real person even look at my résumé?

That’s where a new app called “Tilr” hopes to help. The Cincinnati startup offers an alternative to the traditional recruitment process by matching people to jobs purely on skills that are inserted into an app. Instead of hiring managers relying on keyword matches or titles reflecting previous experience from job seekers’ resumes, an algorithm helps match people to jobs based on the skills employers are looking for. Once a match happens, then the job seeker has an opportunity to accept or decline an available position.

Though originally conceived as a way to help veterans and caregivers re-enter the workforce, Tilr could also help people with disabilities find the right job. Read more in this article from The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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